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Technical Training - Deep Diving  update:24-09-09






What is Deep Diving?

Average club dive is to 15-20 mtrs.

30m Generally Considered Deep Diving.

40m BSAC limit for Nitrox and Rebreathers.

50m BSAC limit for diving.

Danger of Deep Diving + Increased Risks of Deep Diving

Low Visability
Heavier Dive Equipment
Harder Work. Increased Task Loading.
Increased breathing resistance
  CO2 Build Up
Higher risk of DCS (Decompression Sickness)

Equipment to Help

Redundancy (2 of everything you need and nothing that you do not need)
Twin Tanks
Side mounted deco cylinders
Good torch + small back up torch.
Thermal Protection Dry suit + undersuit
Oxygen / Helium analysers
Shot lines
Decompression Trapeze
Gold Credit Card!


Training to Help

Advanced Diving Techniques (use of shots and distance lines)
Basic Nitrox Course (Permits use of standard nitrox Mixes 27% 32% 36%)
Advanced Nitrox Course (Permits up to 50% nitrox to be used for Deco mix)
Extended Range Course (permits deep air diving using nitrox to speed Deco)
Trimix (currently being developed by BSAC so locally only TDI available)
Gas Blending (Currently only offered by BSAC schools)


deep diving

Doing it Safely

Build up dives and experience
Proplaner Software.
Experience, reliable + knowledgeable boat cover
O2 kit with trained Operator/s
Experienced Buddy Shot line
Deco trapeze
Drop Tanks
Experienced O2 kit with trained operators
Recompression facilities

Diving the Lusitania

Diving the RMS Lusitania which was torpedoed by a German submarine of Kinsale in 1917



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