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Our Club today......your club tomorrow? Update 05.05.09

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Diving was introduced into the Newry Area in the late sixties and early seventies when a number of interested people got together and bought some basic equipment between them and carried out some shore dives. These dives often involved long swims and each diver carried out the exercise alone as there was not enough equipment for a buddy. This was quite dangerous, however it showed the grit and determination of these pioneers.

These people realised that the only way forward was to join a club to get proper training and equipment. These pioneering people joined Lisburn Club which was one of the few diving clubs in Norhern Ireland at that time. With the assistance of the Lisburn Club, the Newry personnel learned to dive under the British Sub Aqua rules regulations and insurance. We were introduced to local dive sites and wrecks, some of which we still dive.
The number of people interested was growing and the natural thing to do was to form a local club but this was not possible without a pool session to train new members. There was much difficulty in getting pool time but with the help of local counsellors and the fact that the club has been involved in search and rescue searches in the local waterways, all helped with the Diving Club getting its pool session on a Wednesday night. Upon the new club getting its pool session, it was then possible to become a recognised British Sub Aqua Club and obtain that all too important BSAC number

With the close proximity of both Carlingford Lough and Strangford Lough, the scene was set for great diving in the Newry area and that solidarity and enthusiasm amongst both old and new members has remained to the present day.

In those early days, the club had no boat and several members got together and built a boat from pieces of pre cut materials. This craft served as the main transport of the members for several years when the club with the aid of grants from the sports council for Northern Ireland purchased a second hand Dory.

This larger  compressor was purchased by two club members and it sufficed up until 2004, where a new state of the art Coltri Sub: 16 CFM compressor was purchased at a cost of £6k. The funding for this compressor came entirely from the members within the club.

With the advent of Technical Diving and the introduction of Mixed Gas diving to the club in 2001, in October 2005, a new Nitrox Membrane Compressor at a cost of £12k was purchased. This unit was again totally funded by the club members and is a fine example of the united solidarity that currently exists in the club.

We have recently purchased a new Redbay 7.5 meter Inboard Diesel 325HP Rib at a cost of approximately £50k. The purchase of this state of the art vessel will greatly assist the duties of the Search and Recovery Unit, a specialist unit within the Club. 
The early days of Diver Training. UPDATED 05.05.09
Pioneered and funded by local enthusiasts in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the club started with a series of shore dives in and around Carlingford Lough. These dives often involved a long swim to reach sites and were usually carried out by single divers as there was not enough equipment to implement a Buddy system....
Diving in these early days were difficult. Most suits were home made and  always leaked. On occasion when the woman of the house went to do her Sunday morning clothes wash, she had to wait until some of her washing machine was returned from the dive. Yes...... the diameter of the spin dryer hose from the Bendix was exactly the same as on the latest fashionable BC's.
Waste not ....want not!